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You’ve finished your Eagle project, and created a binder that includes all of the paperwork of the project approval process, letters, project plans, before and after pictures, the final report with its signatures, etc… Now what do you do? Here are the steps you should take to get to the “finish line” for your Eagle award.

  1. First, download the most current “Eagle Rank Application Form” You can find it at OR OR This fillable PDF document is what you’ll use to get the final sign off of all of the Eagle requirements. It requires a lot of very detailed, specific information that you’ll need some help to get right. The following steps will tell you where to get this help.
  2. Your next step is to contact the Troop’s Scout Advancement Chair (currently Betsy Peterson). You will need to review with her that your personal registration in the troop is up to date, that all of your merit badge information is up to date and entered into the “Internet Advancement” program our troop uses to track scout achievement. You will get the information you need (like dates of boards of reviews etc…) to complete the first part of the “Eagle Rank Application Form” from the Scout Advancement Chair. Make sure all dates have been verified and that your file is up to date in the Internet Advancement program. That is what the district scout office will use to verify that all of these requirements have been met.
  3. Once you have verified all of your information is up to date on the Internet Advancement program, contact Lynette Dukes, the Central Florida BSA Council’s Eagle Registrar. She works at the scout office in Apopka. Her phone number (407) 703-0225 and email is Emailing her is the best way to communicate with her. She is generally very prompt with her replies. She will be your most valuable source of information, and the person who will be doing all of the “certification” of your application.
  4. After contacting her and telling her you are working on your “Eagle Scout Rank Application” Lynette Dukes will email you her latest “Eagle Scout Rank Application Checklist”. This document gives you VERY detailed instructions on how to complete the Eagle Scout Rank Application. You must pay attention to every detail, because it all is checked and double checked to make sure you’ve followed the instructions exactly. Begin to fill out the Eagle Scout Rank Application (fillable PDF). Here are a few more tips to consider as you go…
  5. Requirement 2: References
    1. a. In addition to listing the references asked for, at your Eagle Board of Review you will be required to submit 3 letters of recommendation from these people you have listed as references. Those three letters cannot come from your parents or scoutmaster. They can come from teachers, employers, coaches, the bishop or other YM leaders. Attached to this document is a second document that has a sample form letter you can send to the people you would like to write you a reference letter.\
    2. b. The scout should not see the reference letters prior to the Eagle Board of Review. Please have your references mail their letters for the scout directly to our scoutmaster (currently Jon Eichelberger). The best way to do this is to also give your references a pre-addressed and stamped envelope they can use to mail their letters to our scoutmaster. The scoutmaster will bring the three letters, sealed, to the Eagle Board of Review for you.
  6. Requirement 3: Merit Badge Certification
    1. a. It is very important that you have worked with our troop’s Advancement Chairperson and ensured that all merit badges needed are completed and entered into the “Internet Advancement” program. If you ask her via email, Lynette Dukes will send you a screen shot that will show you exactly what merit badges are entered in for you on her system and the dates they were awarded.
    2. b. Per the Eagle Scout Rank Application Checklist you’ve gotten from Lynette Dukes, you must enter the merit badges in Requirement 3 in EXACTLY the same chronological order that they appear in the Internet Advancement screen shot she will send you. If you don’t, your application will be sent back to you to fix this. Read this section of the “Checklist” very carefully and follow the directions exactly.
  7. Requirement 4: Scout Leadership Positions
    1. a. Get this information from the troop’s scoutmaster.
  8. Requirement 5: Project information
    1. a. Make sure that the “Date Project was Finished” and the “Grand Total of Hours” here match what you have put on your “Final Project Report” in your notebook.
  9. Requirement 6: Scout Master Conference
    1. a. Schedule this with our troop’s Scout Master.
    2. b. Prior to the Scout Master Conference, the scout should write a one page “Life Purpose Statement” which discusses the scout’s ambitions, life purpose and a listing of positions held in your religious institution, school, camp, community or other organizations during which the scout demonstrated leadership skills. Include honors and awards received during this service. This document will be submitted along with your Eagle Scout Rank Application, and will also be discussed at the Board of Review.
  10. Certifications
    1. a. Signatures are required from the following individuals:
      1. The scout
      2. The Scoutmaster
      3. Troop Committee Chair
      4. Make sure that your Final Project Report in your project binder has all required signatures completed.
  11. BSA Local Council Certification
    1. a. After all the steps above have been completed, per the Eagle Scout Rank Application Checklist that you have gotten from Lynette Dukes at the BSA office, you will deliver (either in person, or by mail) these items to Lynette Dukes for her final “BSA Local Council Certification” signature:
      1. Original Eagle Scout Rank Application completed with signatures up to the BSA Local Council Certification line. (Lynette fills this line in.)
      2. Life Purpose Statement – Requirement 6
      3. Intake Form – BSA Local Council Certification (This is the cover sheet document that is at the bottom of the Eagle Scout Rank Application Checklist that Lynette emailed to you. No, it doesn’t say “Intake Form” on it, but that’s what it is.)
    2. b. The checklist says that certification can take up to 2 weeks, but Lynette seems to get this done much quicker, generally in a couple of days. If you are in a rush, you can have her email you to let you know it’s ready and you can pick it up. Otherwise she will mail it to you.
  12. Along with your certified “Eagle Scout Rank Application” and Life Purpose Statement, which you’ll get final signatures filled in at your Board of Review, Lynette will give you a couple more forms to fill out and return to her after your Board of Review.
    1. a. A final Eagle Checklist and Intake Form
    2. b. The NESA Service Project Information Form
    3. c. An Advancement Report form (requires signatures at Board of Review)
    4. d. Information on where to send a headshot photo for the Council Recognition Banquet for the following year.
  13. Only after you have received BSA Local Council Certification, may you proceed and schedule your Eagle Scout Board of Review.
    1. a. Talk to our scoutmaster (Jon) and let him know you are ready to schedule your Board of Review. He will coordinate schedules with Patrick Nelson, who attends all Board of Reviews. These are scheduled on any evening when Mr. Nelson is free, at the location of your choice. The church is a good place. Expect your Board of Review to take about 2 hours.
    2. b. Besides Mr. Nelson, you and the scoutmaster need to find three additional reviewers from our troop parents or another ward’s troop to participate that evening. Note: additional reviewers CANNOT be our scoutmaster or assistant scoutmasters from our troop. Our scoutmaster will attend the beginning of the Board of Review, bring the 3 reference letters for you, and introduce the scout, but will then be asked to leave during the actual review process.
    3. c. The scout should wear a full scout uniform to the review (scout shirt, pants, and merit badge sash).
    4. d. The scout should bring his Project Binder along with all of the forms listed above in Step #12 to get final required signatures.
    5. e. During the review, the scout will be asked questions about not only his project (which he should be very familiar with final numbers, statistics and results) but also the scout’s general scouting experience, leadership, and how he lives his life according the Scout Law. Be very familiar with the Scout Law!
    6. f. After your Board of Review, return the documents listed in #12 along with your now complete Eagle Scout Rank Application form to Lynette Dukes. Do not send your project binder to her. That’s yours to keep.
  14. Your final paperwork will be processed and you may choose to have your Eagle Certificate and Award Kit either mailed to you (for $5) or you may pick it up at the scout office after they email you and tell you it is ready.
  15. Plan your Court of Honor… you deserve it!